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April 17, 2014

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Put Your Seed Into Rich, Fertile, Prophetic Soil!!
Updated On: Jun 07, 2013

Tomb Of Samuel National Park          Plant Seed Into This Prophetic Ground    Build Mt Samuel Prophets Centre

     You can become an important part of a historic work that will Bless both Israel & the Nations!! - Please consider partnering with us and help build the Mt Samuel Prophets Centre in Israel!! This is a great opportunity for you to plant seed right into the richest, most fertile prophetic soil on earth!! This greater hillside region is the traditional area where the Prophet Samuel had the School of the Prophets!! Though no one can pinpoint the excact spot where the Prophet Samuel operated his Prophetic College, we are securing a parcel property, situated right next to the traditional Tomb of the Prophet Samuel (which is now a National Park & Monument). Every year thousands of people make pilgrimmage from the all over the earth to this sacred site, to pray, study and even immerse their children in Hannah's mikveh pool (which is located there), where long held belief has it that Hannah immersed her child Samuel there for life-long service into the House of the Lord - long before his Dedication at Shiloh. 

     The Bible says we will reap WHAT we sow...... We believe that when you sow into prophetic soil, you can also reap in the Prophetic!!! We encourage you to plant your seed in this rich, fertile prophetic ground today!! Each Tefakh Sponsorship is only $77 Dollars, which purchases (redeems) a Handbreadth over Handbreadth Tefakh portion of property (about the size of a man's fist) on the 3.4 acre site that we are buying to build the Mt. Samuel Prophets Centre upon!!

To purchase your Tefakh today - just click here!!

Mt. Samuel Prophets Centre
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