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March 22, 2019

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Mount Samuel—Land of the Prophets 

We believe God is doing a "new thing" in the land of Israel, and it is about to "spring forth". The land of Israel has been inundated with prophetic voices from across the world—but many have come and sown the mixture of wild seed into the nation, utterances arising from their own inspiration (doctrines and theologies) as well as releasing divination (second heaven demonic mixture) causing much confusion to the people of the land of Israel. We believe the time is at hand whereupon the Lord is about to raise up true prophets from the land of Israel once again. A company of prophets like Samuel & Jeremiah who will speak the uncompromised Word of Truth—without defilement across the land and across the world!

We ask for you to join the intercession for the land of Israel. We believe that one location the Lord is about to Bless once again is that small hillside region call Nebi Samwil (Samuel) or Har Schmuel, which was known as the traditional location where the Prophet Samuel held the School of the Prophets, known as "Naioth in Ramah". We believe the Lord is about to bring forth a fresh work in that very area again!!

Though no one can pinpoint the exact spot where Samuel's Prophetic College was, the traditional Tomb of the Prophet Samuel (which is now a National Park & Monument) is a region considered sacred and holy to our Jewish brothers & sisters.

Every year thousands of people make pilgrimage from the all over the earth to this sacred site, to pray, study Scriptures and even immerse their children in what is known as Hannah's mikveh pool (located in the National Park), where long-held tradition has it that Hannah first immersed her child Samuel there into life-long service into the House of the God - (long before his Dedication at Shiloh).

Several years ago the Lord began to burden our Prayer Watch with praying for a Samuel type School of the Prophets to be raised up again from that very area... The actual property adjoining the traditional Tomb of Samuel was actually offered to us—but as much as we wanted to embrace it— the Lord clearly said: "lay it down." We promptly obeyed the Lord.

Years later now.... the Lord is once again bringing fresh intercession into that kernel seed that had died and was fallen into the ground there... We believe the Lord is about to raise up true prophets in Israel again—right from this very area... We ask you to please join us in fervent intercession for the mind of Christ—and the Holy purpose and timing of God—in what Heaven is about to do....

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Mt. Samuel Prophets Centre
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