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December 09, 2018

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The Vision Of Mt. Samuel Prophets Centre

  The Vision Of The Mt Samuel Prophets Centre

The Mt. Samuel Prophets Foundation, is group of dedicated people who have a deep love for the nation of Israel, her rich Biblical history - and the Jewish people. We have been commissioned by the Lord to build a Prophets Centre, in honor of the Major and Minor Prophets of the Holy Bible. Our group, the Mt. Samuel Prophets Commission, has been afforded the unique opportunity to acquire the traditional land site where the Prophet Samuel is buried and where many beleive was the location of the Samuel School of the Prophets.

Our vision is to establish a Theatre setting where we can continually show a powerful and compelling presentation concerning the history of Israel and her God as spoken by the 16 writing Prophets of the Hebrew Canon. The movie will be shown multiple times a day, Sunday through Thursday to all who have an interest in the true history of prophecy and the prophetic ministry.

The presentation will accurately detail the the lives, ministry and messages of the Holy Prophets of Israel and bring to life the prophetic Scriptures that are still finding their fulfillment to this very hour!!! 

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